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How To Get A 2nd Lien Title Loan

A 2nd lien title loan uses your vehicle's equity as collateral for a title loan. These loans allow you to borrow money against the value of your car, and that's possible if there's already a 1st lienholder on your pink slip!

This type of loan differs from a refinance or title loan buyout because you're not touching the first loan on your title. If the lender allows, you're simply taking out another title pawn on your vehicle.

Funding amounts depend on how much you owe the original lender and your vehicle's equity, with the average loan amount at $2,000. 2nd lien title loans have higher interest rates than standard title loans and you should only consider this type of equity loan if you're in danger of defaulting on the 1st loan.


Where To Apply For 2nd Lien Title Loans Online

Visit a neighborhood lender in your area, call us to submit an application over the phone or apply on our website. Title Pawn Online makes it easier than ever to apply for this type of loan as we'll process your application, contact your original lender, and work to get you the most favorable payment terms.

When applying online, take some time to look at the different offers from multiple finance companies. Not all lenders offer 2nd lien title loans, so it's essential to find one that does so you don't waste time and money. These loans are often issued in states where title loans are more common. For instance, lenders give many title loans in Florida and Georgia, and most companies offer some form of 2nd lien title loan.

Also, remember that second lien title loans will not always be an option with the original lender. That lender has your actual car title in nearly every situation and won't want to add another lienholder to the pink slip. Contact the lien holder to see if they'll allow a second loan on the car's pink slip. Check your car's value to see if the resale amount has increased since you took out the first title pawn as that may lead to a higher loan amount!


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What To Know About Second Lien Title Loans

2nd lien title loans almost always come with a higher interest rate and you should first apply for a debt consolidation loan or see if you qualify for a personal loan. Most lenders who own the 1st loan will hesitate to allow another lienholder onto the title because it may dilute their equity in the vehicle.

When taking out a 2nd lien title loan, it's important to remember that you're taking on more debt. These title loans online should only be used for emergencies or when you need the money. Be sure to compare the payment amounts and financing options for different finance companies and read any offer's terms and loan contracts before accepting it. Remember, financing regulations and payment terms are different in each state, and title loans in California have APR caps that are not seen in other states like Ohio and Texas. Make your monthly payments on time so you don't damage your credit score and face a situation where your vehicle is taken by the lender and sold at auction.


Applying For A 2nd Lien Title Loan Online

You must provide some basic information when applying for a 2nd lien title loan online. This includes your vehicle type, model, and mileage. Some companies will ask to see proof of income and employment. And lastly, you'll have to supply the lender with the vehicle's VIN.

Once you've gathered the necessary information, you can apply online for 2nd lien title loans. It can take less than an hour to apply with Title Pawn Online, and we'll get right to work contacting your original lender after we receive your application.


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Are you ready to see how much cash you can borrow with a second lien title loan? Or do you want to shop around and see if options are available to improve your interest rate or payment options? At Title Pawn Online, we can assist you with a title loan even if your vehicle already has a lienholder. Call us at 1-888-370-7434 to start your application!