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About Us - Title Pawn Online

Title Pawn Online can assist you if you want to use your vehicle as collateral. But did you know another type of financing may work out better for you? With a car title pawn, you can borrow money against the value of your vehicle. This type of financing is also known as a car title loan or auto equity financing. A title pawn is not for everyone as they come with very high interest rates. Applicants must also put up their car as collateral to secure the financing.


Title Pawn Online Company History

Title Pawn Online has been in the business of helping title loan borrowers for nearly a decade. We have lending locations in California and the Southeast and work with consumers in more than 17 states. We'll gladly walk you through our online application and help you better understand the title loan offers we provide.


About Title Pawn Companies

Title pawns draw their name from the pawn shops that are established all over the country. When you pawn an item with value, the shop holds the item until you can repay the loan. The process is the same with title pawns near me, and that's where we can help you get fast cash. The licensed lender will hold onto the pink slip and hand it back when the loan has been fully settled. Please note that they do not possess the vehicle while the loan is outstanding. Instead, the finance company holds the pink slip, which says they're the vehicle owner until the title pawn is paid back.

Some companies will demand you hand over the vehicle as collateral for the amount you borrow. While legal in some states and effectively acts as a secured title pawn, it's not recommended. Most states have dozens of legitimate title loan companies that gladly give you money for a car title. Look to them first if you need cash to pay an urgent expense!


Contact Title Pawn Online at 1-888-370-7434 or email us at with any questions. Our California office is located at 3711 Long Beach, CA 90807, and we welcome applicants in person, online, and over the phone.


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