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Have you ever considered what goes into a title loan and how long it takes to get approved? We know there are questions you have when it comes to your online application. We created this site to help consumers in all aspects of the lending process. Our company can assist you if you want to use your vehicle as collateral. But did you know there may be another type of financing that works out better for you? There are many reasons why you’d need to take out an online title loan. With a car title pawn you can borrow money against the value of your vehicle. This type of financing is also known as a car title loan or auto equity financing. A title pawn is not for everyone as they come with very high interest rates. Applicants will also need to put up their car as collateral to secure the financing.

Title Pawn Online Company History

We’ve been in the business of helping borrowers get a title loan for nearly a decade. We can work with customers online, over the phone or in person and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction if a title loan isn’t in your best interest. We work with consumers all over the country and we don’t mind taking the time to walk you through our online application.

Title pawns draw their name from the pawn shops that are established all over the country. When you pawn a necklace or collectible the shop holds the item until you can pay back the loan. The process is the same with an auto title pawn and that’s where we can help you get fast cash. The licensed lender will hold onto the pink slip and hand it back when the loan has been settled in full. Take note, they are not taking possession of the vehicle while the loan is outstanding. The finance company is holding onto the pink slip which says they’re the owners of the car until the title pawn is paid back. There are some companies out there who will demand you hand over the vehicle as collateral for the amount you borrow. While this is legal in some states and effectively acts like a secured pawn, it’s not something we would recommend. Most states have dozens of legitimate title loan companies who will gladly give you money for a car title. Look to them first if you need cash to pay for an urgent expense!