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Car Title Loans In California With Title Pawn Online

Title loans have been offered in CA for years and now that interest rates are capped at 36% for most loans, they offer a way to borrow cash when other lenders will turn you down. A title loan uses a vehicle as security for the loan, and there's a good chance you can qualify for a loan of $2,500 or more in CA using a lien-free vehicle as collateral. Best of all, you'll be able to repay your loan over a period of 1 to 4 years and there's no need to hand over the car or truck itself as collateral. Instead, you can keep the keys to your car and simply add the lender as the primary lienholder to the car's title.

Choose a company licensed by the California Department Of Financial Protection And Innovation. That way, they will follow all the state restrictions on loan amounts and interest rate caps. Title Pawn Online works with many companies with offices throughout the state, and we'll find you a company that puts your needs first!


Car Title Loan Requirements In California

- The vehicle title has to be in your name, and there can't be any liens on the vehicle
- The vehicle must have some equity value and pass a basic inspection
- Proof of income (pay stubs or statements from your bank)

Some companies will want to know that your vehicle is registered in CA, and they'll ask for your car's DMV registration and smog check documents. Also, expect to provide proof of valid comprehensive vehicle insurance(An umbrella policy may be necessary as well), and you may need to bring in the car for an inspection. An inspection won't take long and is an excellent way to get a higher loan amount if your car is in decent condition. Your lender will check the vehicle for any damage and mechanical issues, and they'll also get an updated odometer reading.


Interest Rates For California Title Loans

Interest rates on title loans in California are capped at 36% plus the prime funds rate, which applies to loans between $2,501 and $10,000. For loans above that amount, there's no cap on the APR, and you are best served to get multiple quotes and then choose the best rate among the different lenders.

Title pawns in CA have higher rates than what's common with personal loans, but with the recent interest rate limits, these loans are not as difficult to repay as they used to be. Going back a few years, title loan companies in CA could offer loans with uncapped rates, leading to some lenders offering loans with an APR of 100% or more! As of 2024, you can get a title pawn with a manageable interest rate and repay the balance quicker by making extra payments monthly and avoiding the interest payments at the back end of the lending term.

Are you paying on a title loan from another licensed lender in California? If that loan was issued before 2022, the interest rate is likely higher than what's common with most loans issued within the state. In this scenario, you should refinance that loan down a lower interest rate and quicker repayment term. Title Pawn Online can help lower your interest rate to under 36%, and most customers can have more money to go toward their principal balance by refinancing. Even if your APR is 40% to 50%, it may be worth refinancing to speed up your payment term and avoid a title loan repossession. Contact Title Pawn Online at 888-370-7434 to learn how we can get you out of debt quicker with a title loan refinance!


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Bad Credit Title Pawn Lending In California

Title pawns are great for borrowers with poor credit as it used to be that you had no chance of getting a bad credit loan. Now, you can apply for a title pawn with bad credit in California, and there's a good chance your lender won't even run a credit check. Remember, the car's collateral is used to underwrite the loan. You may assume your funding amount will be limited because you have a poor credit score, but that's not always true. Borrow $5,000 or more with a title loan; your credit score won't be a factor as long as you have a newer vehicle with equity!


What If I Can't Find My Car's Title?

Your car's title is the most important requirement when underwriting a title loan in California, and it's next to impossible to get approved without it. If you have a vehicle that's titled in your name but can't find the physical title, we may be able to help you. Start with the California DMV, as they typically offer same day services where you can retrieve missing documents like your car's title or registration documents.

What if the wrong name is on the car's title or if you have a cosigner? Only your name can be on the vehicle's title to qualify with Title Pawn Online. You won't be approved if other lienholders or co-signers are shown on the pink slip. If it's a mistake or misspelling of your name on the title, that shouldn't be an issue, and you can often fix that with a quick visit to the DMV. We are here to help you with all your needs to get a fast cash title loan, so contact us at 888-370-7434 even if you can't find the car's title!


Instant Cash Vehicle Title Loans Near Me In CA

Are you content to apply for a title loan online without a store visit? Or would you rather meet with a local lender who offers a face-to-face consultation? However you choose to apply, Title Pawn Online connects applicants with title loan lenders in California who provide instant cash loans near them.

Apply with Title Pawn Online; we only need your updated vehicle information, requested loan amount, and relevant contact details. We'll find the best local lender near you in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Fresno, or wherever you live in CA! Pick up your funds in less than 24 hours at any lending location within the state. You can also choose to have the cash sent to your checking account by bank wire or go with a money order!


At Title Pawn Online, we can connect you with title loan lenders all over California! Loans are available in person in Long Beach, San Diego, and San Francisco, and most applicants can get funded right after the vehicle inspection. You can also apply online or call 1-888-370-7434 to see how much you can borrow with your vehicle's equity!


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