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    Anyone in Louisiana dealing with credit issues knows how difficult it is to get money for a financial emergency. Many personal loan companies require a FICO score of 700 or better and even with that, you can only borrow a few hundred dollars.

    One option to consider is a title loan. This type of loan uses your car’s equity at security and anyone in the Pelican State can get approved with just the vehicle’s title as collateral. Loans are issued for between $1,000 and $15,000 in Louisiana and there’s a decent chance you’ll qualify with just a lien free vehicle and income verification. You won’t need good credit to qualify and some customers can be approved and funded in less than one business day!


    Are Car Title Loans Always Allowed in Louisiana? What Are The Current Restrictions?

    The title loan laws in Louisiana allow for title pawns and car title loans, but there are some restrictions. The first restriction is that the vehicle title must be free and clear of any other outstanding liens or loans. You can’t borrow against a car title already used as collateral elsewhere.

    While a title loan estimate can be helpful for someone who wants to map out the interest rate and total amount paid, it won’t always be accurate. This is because your vehicle still needs a full inspection at a licensed office in Louisiana. During this checkup, it will be determined how your car compares to the current resale value in LA and if any conditions or mechanical concerns need to be addressed before the loan can go through.


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    The Bottom Line on Louisiana Title Loans

    Whether you live in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Shreveport, a title loan can provide emergency cash when needed most. Remember that car title loans are only available for people with a lien free vehicle. That means you won’t be approved if you still owe the original lender or if there’s a cosigner for the loan.


    Am I Eligible For Car Title Pawns in Louisiana With A Bad Credit Score

    You may wonder if you’re eligible for title loans with a bad credit score in Louisiana and the fact is that many lenders won’t even check your credit history. Don’t be overly concerned about credit when applying for a title pawn. Instead, focus on how much equity there is in your car or truck!

    Remember that title loans in Baton Rouge have a higher APR than traditional installment loans because they are considered high-risk. Most lenders won’t check your credit score; because of that, they take on a bit more risk than expected with personal loan offers. For those with decent or good credit looking into title loans in Louisiana, we highly recommend applying with a company offering unsecured loans. You don’t run the risk of a car title loan repossession for a payday loan or bank loan, and sometimes the interest rates can be lower with these as the loan amounts are often less than $500.


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    Are you worried about being denied a traditional loan because of your bad credit score or request for a higher loan amount? If you’re ready to apply for salvage title loans or a title pawn, then feel free to start on an online application with Title Pawn Online. We work with customers all over the state of LA you can apply online or directly over the phone at 1-888-370-7434.


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